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Working on Your Airline

In This Section:

  • You will get to know what it takes to make a successful airline, step-by-step.
So you must know by now that you need to operate routes with the aircraft you’ve got to make your airline successful, right? There’s actually more to that: you’ve got to develop your own strategy that you can use to build your airline and make it a strong competitor in my world and on any other world you happen to participate in. I would like to share some strategies that you can use to make your airline successful. 

Choosing Your Market

Choosing the best market for your airline is the most important factor to making your airline successful. Whether or not you operate feeder routes or fifteen-hour nonstop flights, determining your destinations is the most important factor that will ultimately guide your airline’s future. 

Choosing Your Fleet

From propeller planes that cover up to 800 miles to large jets that carry at least 300 people, your aircraft choices also determine your airline’s overall development. However, each aircraft burns a certain amount of fuel and can only fly for a certain distance, so it’s a good idea to judge which aircraft serves best for the destinations you want to serve. 

Route Pricing & Competition

It usually happens that more than one airline serve the same route or routes as your airline, so it’s best to understand the dynamics of how route pricing works and what strategies you can do so that you can keep your aircraft load full. 

Expanding Your Airline

Now that you’ve made your initial routes from your hub and your airline is growing, it is time for your airline to add hubs. You might also be interested in joining or forming your own alliance as well in the process and let other airlines join your group. But, don’t overdo it: I’ll explain why.

Extra Features

You may know Airline Mogul as a great strategy game to play, but, you might not know some features that you can use to advance your airline operations further. Explore hidden features as meal pricing and becoming a broker, as well as enabling holiday mode when you need to take a break.