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BART to eastern Contra Costa County coming May 2018. Check out my preview here.


AC Transit tests the future of commuter coaches with the MCI D45 CRT LE bus.


Santa Clara VTA Debuts the Proterra All-Electric Bus

Special Features

Transit Line Ideas and Proposals

Now on my blog: a series called Exploring Options wherein you get to discover what transit lines I want to develop around the Bay Area.

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Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit Making Progress

As the newest train line in the San Francisco Bay Area linking Marin and Sonoma Counties, plans are being evaluated for further expansion to Napa and Sonoma Counties. But, it has to address a few fundamental concerns on the existing line before going east.

Golden Gate Transit to Significantly Adjust South Marin County Service

​In line with Marin Transit’s upcoming service adjustments in June 2016, Golden Gate Ferry and Golden Gate Transit will also make their own route adjustments too with a major shakeup involving bus services through Sausalito and Marin City and the introduction of a brand new commuter ferry service to Tiburon.

Marin Transit’s Short-Range Transit Plan: An Update

​12 June 2016 is the target date to launch Marin Transit’s latest countywide transit line adjustments, in which it will dramatically increase service to and from the Canal District, launch a brand new express service to Fairfax Manor, improve connectivity along the US-101 corridor, and enhance schedules on many bus lines.

From my Blogs

My Thesis Work: How Can We Transform the El Camino Real in Santa Clara County?

Now that I’ve known the results of my work, I can finally show what I wrote here. It is about how to transform a vibrant, congested auto-centric suburban corridor into a more diverse, walkable, transit-friendly one. The case study is the El Camino Real corridor between Palo Alto and San Jose.

Philippine Aviation Reform

​The Philippines continues to struggle with aviation safety internationally, and I offer solutions that will help solve the long debacle.

County Trenton: The City Journal

​Working on a region that continues to grow and evolve can be a tough undertaking, and County Trenton continues to break records very often.

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