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Advocating for Better and Fairer Transportation Options

Traveling, and playing SimCity and Airline Mogul are some of my greatest passions in life. Urban planning and design molds them together into my lifelong quest for advocating better transportation modes, not only for the San Francisco Bay Area, but also for Manila, Los Angeles, and other cities worldwide.

Public transit in the United States is an underused, sometimes-maligned form of transportation that brings even more people around communities and counties with less harmful effects on the environment, economy, and congestion. Everyday, in cities throughout the country, from New York to New Orleans, San Antonio to San Jose, trains, buses, trams, and ferries carry millions of passengers within and between suburban and urban areas, as well as connecting cities far and near. Some may be operated by city governments, some by private contractors, others by independent agencies formed by state or federal governments, still others independently owned-and-operated without any intervention from the government.

The airline industry is an interesting facet that I have also touched on for some time, especially on airport development. I have seen immense potential for the aviation industry, particularly for Asia, in which its rapidly-growing population means more transportation modes, including airlines, are needed to feed the needs of the growing economies in the region. However, many of the countries in the region have limited services, mainly focusing on their regional neighbors rather than expanding further to emerging and developed markets, either because of current infrastructure limits or a limited tourism industry. I believe that through airport infrastructure and development, as well as providing more connections for airlines, more people can visit even more cities and countries, not only within Asia, but throughout the world, allowing more money to flood into developing nations.

Advocating for better transportation options is becoming more important than ever in today’s fast-paced society because we demand even more for ourselves and from other people: better connections, faster travel times, more frequent service, and newer vehicles. It is understandable that while the automotive industry continues to evolve to become more environmentally-friendly, public transit plays an important role in cutting down carbon emissions while stepping up newer technologies in congestion mitigation and service reliability. While I have nothing against automobiles, public transit operating in tandem with the regular automobile should allow people to have a choice in thinking which mode of transportation would benefit them more: one that could save money, time, and the environment.

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