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The San Francisco Bay Area operates a very comprehensive mass transit network, in which a lot of paid and free transit services exist. 

Cash Fares

The most basic way to board any transit vehicle. While most transit agencies require exact fares, some agencies allow a small change in the form of a change card.

Passes and Transfers

Transit passes make frequent traveling worthwhile, while transfers allow you to switch between buses easily. Also included is the San Francisco CityPass which allows more than just free Muni rides.

Clipper Card

The commuter card for the Bay Area, now accepted on most transit agencies. Use it, and you get fare discounts and transfer credits.

Free Rides

Who does not want to ride for free? Find out where you can travel for nothing.

Mobile Fare Payment

With innovations in fare payment underway, mobile ticketing could be the way forward. Now available on at least two agencies.

Interagency Transfers

Needing to travel further than the Bay Area is not a problem when using transfers, with fare credits on hand upon boarding. All you need would be a map and some cash.
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