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Bay Area Transit Overview

The San Francisco Bay Area boasts the largest electric trolleybus network in the United States and the only remaining active cable car network in the Western Hemisphere. However, it is also home to a very diverse and robust mass transit network that moves seven million people.

‚ÄčAgencies List

Most tourists visiting San Francisco know BART and San Francisco Muni as the main transit agencies in the Bay Area. But, there are more than twenty different transit agencies in service today that operate buses, ferries, and trains region-wide.

Routes List

As a way to make route finding easier, I have listed down all of the transit routes here, along with their route descriptions, frequencies, intra- and inter-agency transfers, and service spans. I also list down route alternatives should any issues arise with any transit mode.

Transit Maps

Know visually where the buses, trains, and ferries go around the region, as well as connections to other regional transit agencies beyond the Bay Area.

Transit Centers and Transfer Points

This lists down all the major transit centers and major transfer points in the nine-county region, including train stations, ferry terminals, and bus stations.

Transit Fares

With such a diverse transit network, the fare matrix for the different agencies is complex. Find out how much you will pay to board a transit vehicle, purchase a transit “flash” pass, how to use transfer tickets, and which agencies offer unique features.

Clipper Card

Clipper Card is the San Francisco Bay Area’s all-around commuter card, perfect for locals and occasional tourists. Discover how easy it is to purchase one, where to reload them, which agencies honor them, and what discounts you can get for using the card.

Cycling and Bikes on Transit

Being one of the most bike-friendly regions in the nation, almost all transit agencies and modes allow bikes on board their vehicles. Find out how else you can bike around the region aside from just letting it on the bus or train.

Regional Connections

Many transit agencies provide connections beyond their home territories, providing adequate connections further afield. Explore how far you can go with mass transit outside the San Francisco Bay Area, their fares, and all other relevant information.

Overnight Services

Why be stuck with daytime when you have your own nightlife? Have a flight leaving before 7am or arriving after midnight? Explore your overnight transit options here and find out how far you can go with them.


The San Francisco Bay Area strives to make senior and handicapped travel as easy as possible. Check out resources that allow you to safely and comfortably travel around on a wheelchair or with a guide animal.