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Currently operating weekday peak periods only between Stockton and San Jose via Livermore, Pleasanton, and Fremont, this service provides a viable alternative to the heavily congested I-580 (Altamont Pass) and I-680 (Sunol Grade) corridors. With the opening of Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara for the San Francisco 49ers, ACE has also introduced special game day services for fans traveling from San Joaquin County and beyond.Altamont Commuter Express operates with zone fares, with a fare range between $4.25 (within Santa Clara County) and $14.50 (between San Jose and Stockton). Trains only operate in the peak direction of travel (from Stockton mornings, from San Jose afternoons and evenings), with four trips per way:

  • Stockton departures: 4:20am, 5:35am, 6:40am, 7:05am
  • San Jose departures: 3:35pm, 4:35pm, 5:35pm, 6:38pm

As recent as early 2018, ACE is proposing to:

  • Expand its service span to introduce Saturday service, with two trains to San Jose mornings and two return trips to Stockton afternoons.
  • Mount new service linking Manteca, Modesto, and Merced, with intermediate stops in between to provide additional service to the Central Valley in preparation for California High Speed Rail.


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Livermore Station

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ACE Shuttles

Altamont Commuter Express currently partners with a private transportation company to provide shuttle services to and from Santa Clara/Great America ACE Station. It operates eight lines, most of which serve nearby tech companies in Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, and Milpitas.