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The Bay Area on Transit

The San Francisco Bay Area is blessed with long coastlines, spectacular bridges, and fabulous views. But, if you think about touring around San Francisco and nearby communities on a tour bus, you may be missing out on a lot of the fun: passing through more stops, getting to know the locals, sampling Muni in all its frenzied glory… It’s pretty easy to compare the differences between Tour Bus tickets and multi-day Muni Passes:

Unlimited Rides
(including hop-on, hop-off privileges)
Pass Validity

Coverage Area in San Francisco

Hours of Operation

Tour Narration

Sightseeing Two-Day Pass
$20.99 and up


24 to 48 hours (consecutive)

Major tourist spots only; boundaries include Golden Gate Bridge to the north, Ferry Building to the east, Dolores Park to the south, and Golden Gate Park to the west.
First trip: around 9am
Last trip: around 6pm
Everyday except select holidays

Muni Passes
$14 to $27
(CityPASS for $69)

All consecutive days:
$14: 1 day
$21: 3 days
$27: 7 days
CityPASS: 9 days
Entire Muni network, including buses, cable cars, light rail, and streetcars. Also includes services to Daly City, Treasure Island, and Marin Headlands (Sundays and Holidays)
24 hours a day
Everyday including holidays

None; announcements in English, Chinese, & Spanish

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