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Airline Mogul: Tips and Techniques

In This Section:

  • I describe some of the tricks I’ve learned through my past game play experiences so that your airline can reach its full potential
Private worlds can provide a unique experience to Airline Mogul players, both for newbies and veterans. However, it can become boring, especially when the simulation time is long (currently 20 years), and if the airline continues to struggle despite being in the world for a while. I’ve got some tips and techniques that you can use so that your airline–and your time at Airline Mogul–can be a success.

  • Make sure to keep up with the game as often as you can. At least once a week is good enough to check on your airline’s progress (like, every Saturday). Inactivity could cost your airline a spot in my world, so make sure to have a peek on your airline and develop it so that you can progress in any world.
  • Remember the Golden Rule: do unto others what others ought to do unto you. That means, in my world, cussing (a.k.a. swearing and profanity), using ALL CAPS to convey a message, and harassing other people in any form, will not be tolerated and could cause your airline to be dropped from the game automatically.
  • Also remember to comply with Airline Mogul rules, not just the rules set up in a private world, so that you can continue to participate in the virtual game. 
  • Don’t forget also to communicate with other airlines if you want to make your airline a shining star (i.e. joining an alliance, making aircraft deals, etc.) or if you have any issues regarding your airline. If there’s anything that you might need more assistance with, ask yours truly on Private Messaging.
  • And finally, enjoy your game time at Airline Mogul.

Simple to remember, eh?