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San Francisco Taxis 
(A to K)

The San Francisco taxi scene is evolving, with newer operators like Flywheel Taxi and Union Cab coming into the scene, while long-established operators like Yellow Cab and Luxor Cabs evolve into using more fuel-efficient vehicles to serve commuters in the City by the Bay.
Groups of Taxis (San Francisco)
ABC Taxi Company
Alliance Cab
American Taxicab
Arrow Checker Cab (San Francisco)
Bay Cab
Best Cab
Big Dog City
Citywide Taxi
Comfort Cab Company
Crown Cab
De Soto Cab (San Francisco)
This cab company is being rebranded into another company, Flywheel Taxi, in order to lessen confusion for its franchises outside San Francisco.
Fog City Cab
Flywheel Taxi
Gold Star Taxi
Green Cab