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Uncovering the diversity of taxicabs outside San Francisco, a good majority of these taxis are owned and managed by independent operators. These also play an important role in helping out seniors to get around when traditional paratransit services are not available and when commuters get stranded in the suburbs.
San Francisco Taxis (A to K)
Includes Arrow Checker Cab, DeSoto Cab, Flywheel Cab, and more.

San Francisco Taxis (L to Z)
Includes Luxor Cabs, Town Taxi, Yellow Cab Cooperative, and more.

East Bay Taxis
Includes taxis from Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

North Bay Taxis
Includes taxis from Marin and Sonoma Counties. Soon to include taxis from Napa and Solano Counties.

Peninsula and Silicon Valley Taxis
Includes taxis from San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to the world’s leading carsharing services, Lyft and Uber. But, there’s much more to those popular, mobile-based carsharing programs that multiple companies offer similar services throughout the region.