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Sample lesson plan: Statistics

Note: currently, I teach at a Statistics workshop at San Francisco State University Tuesdays from 3 to 5pm wherein I discuss the basic principles of the subject. My teaching method will be dependent on how advanced your lesson is in the present, as well as how much expectations your teacher or professor has in the subject.
Mean, Median, and Mode

Mean: the arithmetic average of a given set of numbers. The equation is:

n1 + n2 + … + nx
wherein n is a number listed in a set of values and x being the total number of numbers in the set.
Median: the “central” number in a given set. The number may or may not be located in the set itself, contingent to the following conditions:

  • If it is an odd set (i.e. 7 numbers in a set), then work your way towards the “central” value in the set (in which case, it will be the 4th value).
  • If it is an even set (i.e. 6 numbers in a set), then split the set into two equal parts, find the two numbers located next to the line you’ve created, add the two numbers together then divide it by two.

Mode: simply put, the most frequent number/s that appear in a given set.

Sample questions: Statistics

Three problems on mean, median, and mode:
1) Alex owns a bookstore, and his weekly revenue from it are the following:
Find the mean, median, and mode.

2) Ms. Roberts owns a bakery, and she loves making bread. She samples pastry weights before baking, and her observations are the following (in grams):
175   190   165   140   185   180
Find the mean, median, and mode.

3) Peter wants to maintain his good grades at school. His dream is to make his Grade Point Average (GPA) at least 3.50. His GPA averages from the previous five semesters have been the following:
3.75  3.43  3.50  3.35  3.28
a) What GPA does he need this semester so that he can attain his dream GPA?

b) Find the median and the mode, including your answer from letter A.