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A Brand New World for Thanksgiving

It has been a long time since Sojourner’s Dream, my last private world on Airline Mogul, is finished. And I am back once again to create a fifth private world from the time I started Airline Mogul in 2010. It has been a pleasure for me to run those worlds, especially when I see players waiting for my next world. I understand that several players keep recommending to choose playing in my worlds, not only because my worlds are competitive, but also of my regularity in answering questions and requests, which I am thankful for.

NOTE: the following details below are subject to change while details on the new world are being created and finalized. The details below are from my previous world, Sojourner’s Dream.

On start-up, you will receive:

  • 750,000 euros start-up money
  • Two gates at start up
  • Three Boeing 737-500 aircraft

Once you’ve set up your airline:

  • You are allowed to operate to anywhere in the world from your chosen hub  
  • You can buy all types of aircraft available in the world, both commercial and business (provided that it is current and can be sold to other airlines)
  • You can form an alliance or join an existing one
  • You are free to develop a large network as you like

However, there are rules that you need to abide by, including: 

  • You are permitted to create up to fifteen (15) bases, in which you can operate up to five (5) foreign bases. Note that in Airline Mogul terms, one foreign base is counted as two (2) bases, so better plan your bases out of your home continent carefully.
  • Inactivity is a major issue that plagues many private worlds, and I take this issue seriously. If for any reason that you may be inactive for a period of time, send me a Private Message, either through Airline Mogul or Stephen M forums, and I will reserve your airline from the “chopping block”. However, if your airline has been inactive for six months (six real life days) from the time your airline has been marked “inactive” by Airline Mogul, your airline may be dropped from the world unless you message me otherwise.
  • Use of swear words, profanity, ALL CAPS,  and any form verbal communication that can cause disruption or arguments among members is not allowed in the Discussion threads in my world, and I will not tolerate them. If for any reason such abuse of this rule takes place, I will contact the Airline Mogul staff for investigation on this matter.

Airline Mogul can be a competitive game, especially for our newer players. Therefore, after this brief introduction and rules, I will present a guide that shows what best strategies you can do to make your airline successful.

World Update

A brand new world will arise starting October or November this year. It will be similar to Private World 2180, although the final details will still be decided. Be sure to keep updated on this space as details on the new world will emerge.

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