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The Bus is Merced County’s public transportation service, operating local bus services within the county, as well as one intercounty bus service to Turlock in Stanislaus County. It also provides community shuttles in outlying communities beyond the City of Merced.

On many of its newer vehicles, The Bus provides on-board TV screens that show video loops consisting of transit rules and regulations, local events, onward transportation options, and employment opportunities in Merced County.

Full-Sized Buses

Merced The Bus operates a fleet of full-sized, low-floored buses, all made by Gillig. These are primarily used on its intercity services (e.g. beyond the City of Merced), as well as select local trips within the city (especially on Line UC to UC Merced).
Gillig LF30
Gillig LF35
​Gillig LF40

Shuttle Vans

In addition to the Gillig buses, The Bus also operates numerous shuttle vans, seating between 18 and 22 passengers. These low-floor cutaway vehicles are mainly operated on local services around the City of Merced, Atwater, and Winton.