Mr. Francisco “Coco” Mauricio - CEO of Wefund Lending Corp. “JuanHand” together with Mr. Jaime Garchitorena - Managing Director of Open Finance and Mr. John Januszczak - President & CEO of UBX, the Philippines’ leading Open Finance Platform

Anthony Nachor | JuanHand and SeekCap Referral Program Partnership | JuanHand sets its foot on continuously expanding its scope. To sustainably develop its credible identity, JuanHand signed another referral program partnership with SeekCap. The collaboration aims to provide more accessible financial assistance to everyJuan.

SeekCap is the first online lending marketplace for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the Philippines that offers same day approval. One of its goals is to reduce the hassle for entrepreneurs who frequently deal with voluminous paperwork, manual documentation, and lengthy turnaround times when applying for business loans.

JuanHand recognized the objective of SeekCap and decided to work closely as one of its partner lenders. The partnership intends to provide a more seamless and instant application and approval to borrowers. Both companies are thrilled to catch sight of the success of the above-stated collaboration.