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Introducing Airline Mogul

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  • What is Airline Mogul?
  • What makes Airline Mogul a Strategy Game?
  • What makes Airline Mogul different from other online simulation games?
  • Why am I including Airline Mogul on my website?
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What is Airline Mogul?

Airline Mogul is an online airline simulation game that allows users (I call them players) to operate and manage their airline to however they like: be it a small, regional airline based in the hinterlands of Alice Springs, to a massive, international airline competing with other mega-airlines based in Atlanta. With Airline Mogul, you can operate your airline as long as you like, with as many aircraft as you want, and earning as much as the largest airlines in existence today.

What makes Airline Mogul a strategy game?

Airline Mogul is also a strategy game because you control your airline’s destiny, from operating propeller jets and earning thousands for each flight, to operating massive jets and operating long-haul flightsWhile you can choose your airline name, airport base and focus cities, routes, and flight numbers, the fares you establish, as well as the number of services you provide, and the associations your airline chooses to be with, play important roles to your playing success. 

In short, Airline Mogul involves routing and mathematical strategy, in which you are challenged to use your aircraft’s time limit (of 24 hours in a day) while providing a sizable profit and competing with other airlines in the various public and private worlds. And through my guides, hopefully, I can help your airline succeed in Airline Mogul simulation play.

What makes Airline Mogul different from other online simulation games?

Airline Mogul is different from other online strategy games, in that:

  • It does not involve adult material that can turn younger players off from the game.
  • It involves airline operations, which is a rarity from other online games.
  • It allows players to create their fantasy airline, with aircraft taken from real-life models, and design them according to their preference.
  • It can provide a competitive environment among players, but, the nature of the game involves mainly mental thinking and strategy
Why am I including Airline Mogul on my website?

Interestingly, Airline Mogul has its own, separate forum, called Stephen M forum, in which it is a hub for all questions, thoughts, and comments about the game, as well as a base for strategies and ideas on how to make the game better and become better players. I included Airline Mogul as part of my website’s portfolio because I believe that I can share my experiences on Airline Mogul to others without sacrificing the integrity of the rest of my website, and that my past experiences can help newer players discover ways to make their airline play a great experience.

As I looked through forum threads on Stephen M forum, I believe that through compiling many of the common questions, answers, and comments written down on the forums, and consolidating them on one site like mine, players can find answers and use the ideas I have described and written so that they can make their airlines more successful. In addition, by providing players detailed explanations and simple illustrations that describe how Airline Mogul play actually works, they can make better strategies on how to operate their airlines as well as gather new ideas on how to make the game even better for players and staff alike. 

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