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About this Website

Debuted in 2008 as the blog supplement to a SimCity 4 City Journal, my website has evolved itself into a more general content site, containing photography from my travels around the Bay Area and beyond, as well as my thoughts about Urban Studies and Planning, transportation development, and local issues that matter today. Along with those, I also focus on specific issues, from San Francisco's transit agency, Muni, to Marin County's "environmental conservatism", both presenting contrasts between two neighboring counties and how they address such issues as cleanliness, crime, and corruption, all of which provide significant effects to both residents and officials. 
Now, in 2012, this blog also features a blog page focusing exclusively on Philippine-related issues, written in my other mother-tongue, Tagalog. Themes including the Catholic Church, political corruption, and social & economic development are the main themes of the "In Translation" blog, and you are more than welcome to request for a translation of my commentary should you want it in English. 


Your feedback is important to make my two sites, Anthony Nachor and Momento Anthony, a success. Fill me with your thoughts, comments, and suggestions, and I will listen and take action to them.