After completing my Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning at San Jose State University, plus many hours of gaming and contemplating about moving forward, I am returning to a refreshed website. It might be far simpler than previous versions, but it is a start worth rebuilding. However, with more than half a million images on Flickr and Photobucket combined, more time will be allocated to share my best images and up-to-date stories about my journey to becoming a transportation planner.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given me more time to think about my future, especially as an introvert and well-educated person. Traveling around on public transportation has been grounded to a halt, and staying at home has been relatively easy for me to deal with. Despite those setbacks, I've been able to use my time to do other things, from testing out (and playing) new games to migrating and rebuilding my website away from Weebly. It took me time to sort things out, and we are now on Joomla after many years with Weebly.