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While privately-owned buses and vans operate charter and airport services, transit agencies operate their own vehicles rather than handing over services to third-party agencies and use vehicles other than what is provided by the large agencies. These private operators provide extensive services for companies, tourists, and commuters, and many of these companies offer incentives for its riders, including free rides, discounted admissions, and frequent service.

Airport Buses & Shuttles

These buses and shuttles operate from all three Bay Area airports, namely San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, providing services to passengers within the Bay Area and to far-flung places as Lake, Sacramento, Monterey, and San Benito Counties.

Carpools & Vanpools

Carpools and vanpools exist as a reliable alternative means of commuting in the San Francisco Bay Area, and these come in a multitude of forms.

San Francisco & North Bay Shuttles

Includes the Mission Bay Shuttle, San Francisco State University’s GO! State, and various shuttles from Marin and Sonoma Counties.

Peninsula & South Bay Shuttles

Includes shuttles, Stanford University’s Marguerite Shuttle, and high-tech employment buses from Genentech and Google.

East Bay Shuttles

Includes UC Berkeley’s Bear Transit and Transmetro shuttle vans.