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San Francisco Muni has the distinction of the only agency operating electric trolleybuses in the Bay Area. These are high-floored vehicles, making them suitable for hilly routes in the network. In comparison with the diesel and hybrid diesel-electric buses, these vehicles operate similar to trackless trolleys, in which the electric current used to run these buses comes from Hetch-Hetchy Dam in the Central Valley, the same source for nearly all of San Francisco’s electricity use. 

Two variants are used:

  • Standard (40-foot) bus
  • Articulated (60-foot) bus

ETI Skoda 14TrSF (40-foot) Standard Bus (5401 to 5640)

This is the basic trolleybus used for nearly all trolleybus-operated routes. Comparing to the Neoplan AN440, the ETI 14TrSF has the most number of buses of any type operated by Muni, numbering 240 vehicles. These are used on the following lines:

  • 1-California
  • 2-Sutter (short trips, weekday peaks only) 
  • 3-Jackson
  • 5-Fulton (select trips, weeknights, all day weekends, and Owl)
  • 5R-Fulton Rapid (select trips, weekdays only)
  • 6-Haight/Parnassus
  • 14-Mission
  • 21-Hayes (currently suspended; replaced by motorized coaches) 
  • 22-Fillmore
  • 24-Divisadero
  • 30-Stockton
  • 33-Ashbury/18th Street
  • 41-Union (weekday peaks only)
  • 45-Union/Stockton

These buses are among the prominent vehicles operating along Market Street.

White and Orange Livery
​Gray and Red Livery

New Flyer Xcelsior Trolleybuses

Two models of this low-floor bus type are in use with San Francisco Muni:

  • XT40 (57xx series)
  • XT60 (72xx series)

New Flyer Xcelsior XT40 Standard Trolleybus (57xx Series)

Debuted in April 2018, this trolleybus will slowly replace the older ETI Skoda buses above. It will be progressively introduced on the following lines:

  • 1-California
  • 2-Sutter (weekday rush hours only)
  • 3-Jackson
  • 5-Fulton (nighttime only)
  • 24-Divisadero
  • 31-Balboa
  • 33-Ashbury/18th Street

XT40 operations on the remaining lines, including the 22-Fillmore and 30-Stockton, will begin once more of these buses are delivered.

New Flyer Xcelsior XT60 Articulated Trolleybus (72xx Series)

This bus type replaced the New Flyer high-floored E60 articulated bus (70xx series) and the ETI Skoda articulated trolleybuses (71xx series). These are used on the following lines:

  • 5-Fulton (most trips, weeknights, all day weekends, and Owl) 
  • 5R-Fulton Rapid (most trips, weekdays only) 
  • 14-Mission
  • 30-Stockton (short trips only)
  • 49-Van Ness/Mission (temporarily suspended; replaced by XDE60 hybrid articulated buses)

Two types of the XT60 are operating: 7201 to 7260 (1st generation), and 7261 to 7294 (2nd generation)

7201 to 7260 Series
These have the older Twinvision Luminator signs with smaller, more consistent font size.
7261 and above Series
These have the new TwinVision Luminator headsigns, with larger text size than the old version and brighter orange font color