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​Unitrans is a unique agency wherein it operates a mix of single-story and double-decker buses, all of which are powered by compressed natural gas. Perhaps, it is one of a few transit firms operating double deckers in the United States (other agencies that I can think of would include Las Vegas’ Southern Nevada Regional Transit District and Antelope Valley Transit Agency near Los Angeles). Despite Davis being a very bike-friendly city, Unitrans does not have bike racks mounted on the front of its buses.

Schedule Typologies

Unitrans operates within the City of Davis, located in southwest Yolo County, and it is operated by the University of California, Davis. Service operates year-round, with the following service types which are different from a typical transit agency:

  • Regular (operates during the UC Davis academic term)
  • Finals (operates when final exams take place at the university, with expanded night schedules)
  • Break (consists of Winter and Summer Intermissions, limited service available) 
  • Weekends (select lines operate; see table below)
  • Picnic Day (only happens once a year, on the third Saturday of April)
  • Amtrak Shuttle (operates most Sundays, allowing passengers to travel between Amtrak and anywhere within the city limits)
  • Airport Shuttle (only operates once a year, on the day before Thanksgiving, between Davis and Sacramento Airport)

No service provided on the following holidays:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Day

Many routes operate nighttime services as well (with last trips at 10:10pm) Mondays to Thursdays. Despite being a popular day to hangout and spend time with friends, no nighttime services are provided Friday nights.

Route Descriptions

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Unitrans Routes Served
Routes with Nighttime Services
Regional Connections
​Memorial Union
B*, E*, F*, G*, K, M, P**, Q**, Z

  • Weekend services are available on the P and Q lines, as well as the weekend-only O line
E, G, P, Q
Fairfield and Suisun Transit: 
Route 30

  • Weekday service operates between Fairfield and Sacramento via Vacaville, Dixon, and Davis
  • Saturday service operates between Fairfield and Davis only


  • Routes 42A/42B (daily loop service between Davis, Woodland, Sacramento, and West Sacramento)
  • Route 43 (weekday peak period-only service between Davis and Sacramento)
  • Route 220 (weekday-only service between Davis and Vacaville via Winters)
  • Route 220C (weekday peak period-only service between Davis and Winters)
A, C, D, J*, L, V*, W

  • Weekend services available on the D, J, V, and W lines, as well as on the weekend-only O line
  • Express service available on the J and W lines weekday afternoons only
Available on all routes
Fairfield and Suisun Transit:
Route 30 (weekday peak period-only service, with AM service to Sacramento and PM service to Fairfield)


  • Route 44 (operates weekday peak periods only between Davis and Sacramento, one trip per direction per day)
  • Route 241 (operates between Woodland and Davis weekday peak periods only)

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* – Select trips on this route are operated with double-decker buses. Check schedules for more information as the buses deployed may not be accessible for the handicapped (especially on wheelchairs and scooters).
** – Routes P and Q operate around the Davis Perimeter, with P operating clockwise and Q operating counterclockwise.
– Amtrak services available on Routes A (from Silo Terminal) and Z (from Memorial Union Terminal) on the weekdays, and Route O (serving both Silo and Memorial Union Terminals) on the weekends

Double Decker Bus

Unitrans operates two sets of double decker buses:

  • a unique fleet of Routemaster double-decker buses have been imported from London and repowered to suit Davis’ needs, fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG). These old Routemaster buses are in service on select services from the Memorial Union Terminal, in which these are operated in tandem with their single-story counterparts.
  • the modern Alexander Dennis double deckers are modern-looking and can accommodate wheelchairs and strollers. These are mostly deployed out of Silo Terminal and operate on certain routes.

High Floored Bus

Unitrans operates one type of high-floored bus, the Orion V.​ 

Low Floored Bus

Unitrans operates multiple types of 40-footer, low-floor buses, all of which are wheelchair accessible. These are used extensively on all of its routes.

New Flyer C40LFR

​New Flyer Xcelsior XN40
Orion VII HEV Low Floor Bus


Its complementary paratransit service within the City of Davis is Davis Community Transit, which provides additional service for seniors and the handicapped with Yolobus.