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University of California, Santa Cruz operates its own transit system providing bus services for students and visitors around the campus. Managed by UC Santa Cruz Transportation and Parking Services, the university operates different services weekdays and weekends, owing to the varying travel patterns by UCSC students and staff. Most of its stops are also shared with multiple Santa Cruz Metro bus lines, allowing riders to travel beyond the university. Most importantly, this service is open to everyone, allowing riders a hassle-free way to travel around the vast campus.

Routes Within UC Santa Cruz

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Days of Operation
Operating Times
Campus Loop
Clockwise and Counterclockwise
Upper Campus
West Night Core
East-West, Counterclockwise
East Night Core
East-West, Clockwise

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Night Owl Route

In addition to the core campus lines above, UC Santa Cruz also provides a Night Owl service Friday (between 11:45pm and 2:38am) and Saturday (between 11pm and 2:38am) nights between UC Santa Cruz and Cathcart & Pacific in Downtown Santa Cruz, giving patrons more time to enjoy the city’s bars and restaurants on weekends. This route usually operates counterclockwise within UC Santa Cruz except for up to three trips (once per hour) that operate in a clockwise direction. It also serves additional bus stops usually served by Santa Cruz Metro during the day, especially along Laurel Street, Lower Bay Street, Bay Street, and High Street.

Gillig Buses

UC Santa Cruz operates two kinds of Gillig Phantom buses, all of which were handed down from SamTrans.

Gillig Phantom 35′ buses (9xx Series)

Gillig Phantom 40′ buses (8xx Series)
Gillig LF30 Low-Floor Bus
In addition to the Phantom buses, UCSC has at least three Gillig Low Floor buses can be found within the property, but these are currently not in service. These are projected to be used for the university’s supplemental Loop and nighttime services, alongside the Phantom buses above and the shuttle vans below.

Shuttle Vans

Multiple shuttle van types operate with UC Santa Cruz. Some of these vans have a bike trailer attached to their backs to accommodate students and staff with bicycles to access the campus faster than waiting for a regular bus. At least two Ford E350 shuttle vans are used for UCSC’s commuter services to Boulder Creek and Capitola.

Specialized Services

In addition to the shuttles above, UC Santa Cruz also provides specialized services for its handicapped guests and rental vehicles for the university’s students and staff (called UCruz). Details for UCruz can be found here