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Tracy Tracer is a city-run transit system operating within the city limits of Tracy, California. Formerly under contract to MV Transportation, Tracer’s operations are now contracted to Ride Right, LLC, a St. Louis-based transportation management company focused on paratransit and fixed-route services. Despite this, Tracer’s funding and routes management are under the jurisdiction of the city government, with six routes linking Tracy’s numerous yet spaced out attractions.

Cutaway Vans

Three cutaway van types operate with Tracer, including:

  • Ford E450 (one unit, 1253)
  • Chevy Arboc Cutaway (three units)
  • Dodge Entervan (two units, not pictured)

Those vans operate on all routes with Tracy Tracer, providing fixed-route and flexible deviation services citywide.

Heavy-Duty Buses

Tracer operates two types of heavy-duty buses:

  • El Dorado National Freightliner MST IIĀ 30′ bus (at least one unit, 42)
  • Gillig BRT 35′ Diesel bus (five units, 1701 to 1705)

Both types have one door and are operated mostly on Routes A, B, and C.