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Most of these buses provide direct connections to the San Francisco Bay Area, with their main focus being San Jose in the South Bay, Dublin/Pleasanton BART in the East Bay, and Vacaville Transportation Center in Solano County.

Monterey-Salinas Transit

Monterey-Salinas Transit mainly operates in Monterey County, with multiple routes serving the cities of Monterey, Salinas, and King City, as well as many nearby communities. Regional routes serve as far south as Paso Robles in San Luis Obispo County, northwest as Santa Cruz, and north as San Jose, providing extensive coverage for its residents and military personnel living and working in the county.

Two services provided by MST serve San Jose directly:

  • Line 55 runs between Monterey Transit Plaza and San Jose Diridon Station via Sand City, Gilroy, and Morgan Hill
  • Line 86 runs between King City and San Jose Diridon Station via Soledad, Salinas, Gilroy, and Mineta San Jose International Airport

Sacramento Regional Transit

Sacramento RT operates bus and light rail services mostly in the city of Sacramento, as well as the neighboring communities of Rancho Cordova and Folsom. While it primarily focuses on urban transportation within Sacramento, it also provides neighborhood shuttles in the outskirts, providing mobility option for a sizable chunk of Sacramento County. It does not, however, provide service to nearby Roseville, Elk Grove, or Sacramento International Airport.

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San Joaquin Regional Transit District

San Joaquin RTD mainly operates within San Joaquin County, with a particularly strong focus in the City of Stockton. But, similar to MST, it also operates a range of intercounty services, serving as far north as Sacramento and west as Sunnyvale and Livermore. It also operates Metro Express​, a bus rapid transit network circulating around Stockton.

Santa Cruz Metro

Serving Santa Cruz County, the Metro operates multiple routes within the cities of Santa Cruz and Watsonville, as well as serving nearby beach communities and mountain towns in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This also includes the Highway 17 Express​ which connects Santa Cruz and Scotts Valley with San Jose.

Tracy Tracer

Tracy Tracer operates six fixed routes within the City of Tracy, with heavy-duty buses and cutaway vans.

UC Santa Cruz Campus Shuttle

University of California, Santa Cruz provides a free bus service operating mainly within UCSC’s campus. Additional bus services to UCSC are provided by Santa Cruz Metro, which gives patrons expanded transit access to Downtown Santa Cruz and environs.

UniTrans (Davis)

This transit firm is owned by the University of California-Davis, and it has been known to operate second-hand buses from London. Nowadays, the red livery it uses can be seen in conventional bus types as well, most of which operate as hybrids and CNG fuel. It mainly operates within the City of Davis, with two main terminals at the UC Davis campus.


With its operations contracted out to TransDev (formerly Veolia Transportation), Yolobus operates mainly in Yolo County (county seat: Woodside), with services operating throughout the county, as well as to Sacramento and Vacaville (in Solano County). It also operates to Cache Creek Resort, a popular casino and concert venue, located west of Winters in Capay, and it operates two long loop lines operating between Woodside, Sacramento, West Sacramento, and Davis via I-5, I-80, and CA-113 (Routes 42A and 42B).