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Greyhound provides intercity services in the United States and Canada, with extensive connections between major cities and minor communities. While Greyhound exists in the Bay Area, intercity bus services tend to be limited, as a wealth of transit options, as well as Amtrak California train and shuttle service, and air travel are plentiful that limit the role of Greyhound to serve communities from San Francisco and Oakland to other California cities and nearby states.

Also included in this collection is the Bolt Bus, an affordable way to travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles, featuring WiFi internet, AC plugs in every seat, ample luggage area, and reclining seats in a roomy interior. 

Old livery

MCI Buses

Prevost X3-45 Bus

Bolt Bus

CA Shuttle Bus is a small intercity bus operator running between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The SF terminal located at Cyril Magnin & Market Streets, conveniently located next to Powell BART/Muni Metro and the Powell Street cable car turnaround. While the website claims it operates daily, it actually operates 6x weekly (no Tuesday service).

Megabus is a UK-based low-cost bus company that is expanding its presence in the United States. In California, it directly competes with Greyhound with services to Sacramento, San Francisco (plus Oakland and San Jose), and Los Angeles (plus Burbank), with similar offerings as the Bolt Bus.