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With a large concentration of high-tech firms and business parks, the Peninsula and Silicon Valley host to multiple shuttle services, many of which are open to the public. However, some of these vehicles that can be seen as far as Marin County, Concord, and Dublin can only be used by their employees and support staff.

San Mateo County Shuttles

Public Shuttles
These include shuttles operated by SamTrans and city governments.
Privately-Run Shuttles
These include shuttles that are either open to the public (fully funded by local businesses) or employee and/or resident-only shuttles.
Genentech Shuttles

Santa Clara County Shuttles

Public Shuttles
These include shuttles operated by local city governments or the VTA (in joint collaboration with other agencies and companies).
Private Shuttles
Google Bus

Stanford Marguerite Shuttle

This is the shuttle service provided by Stanford University. With multiple routes, these connect the various buildings of the university with nearby dormitories, Downtown Palo Alto, Palo Alto Caltrain, and San Antonio Shopping Center in nearby Mountain View.
Shuttle Vans
Full-Size Buses
Includes BYD (All-Electric), Gillig BRT, Gillig Advantage, and Van Hool Buses.
BYD All-Electric (40-footer) bus (34xx series)
Gillig Advantage (35-footer, 32xx series) and Gillig BRT (40-footer Hybrid, 38xx series)
Van Hool A330K (2-Door) Bus (37xx series)