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Extra Features

Airline Mogul provides more than just the basic route and aircraft information that you can explore and use to your advantage, starting with the obvious ones:

Premium Gate Search

The efficient use of your aircraft is crucial to your airline’s success, whether operating domestic or international, short- or long-haul, low- or high-density flights. For the cost of 60 free tokens or 10 paid tokens, you can search gates from anywhere in the world according to distance from your base airport, and never guess what flight you want to operate for the remaining 6 hours available on your jet aircraft again.

Premium Aircraft Search

Joining or forming an alliance is easy: you only decide whether or not you join one or make one. With enough money and the right partners, your airline can shine to becoming one of the strongest in the world.


In order for you to use the Premium Gate Search and Premium Aircraft Search functions in your worlds, you need to have sufficient number of tokens to add them to each of your worlds, not all-in-one purchase:

  • 60 free tokens, or
  • 10 paid tokens
And now, I will show you the obscure features that you can use as well:

Food and Drink Prices

Did you know that you can add charges to the food and drinks your airline serves to your passengers, just like many regular airlines today? To do so, click on the “Admin” tab on the top right portion of your Airline Mogul page or on the “Administration” link on the Quick Stats tab. You will then find on the second column of Airline Administration called “On-Board Service” wherein you can change the prices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and alcohol. (Preset value is at 
€ 0)


Brokers are a vital part of the airline industry, whether it is in real life or on Airline Mogul. Brokers provide incentives for active airlines which could translate to millions of euros in savings. For example:

  • Broker A could provide a 10% discount for any airline that orders large jet aircraft (i.e. Boeing 777-200ER) or small jet aircraft en masse (i.e. ten Airbus A320-200s)
  • Broker B could offer a sizable discount to lease several aircraft at once to a growing airline so that it can grow faster

For more information on how to become a broker, send me a PM to be forwarded to Stephen.

Holiday Mode & Inactivity

Should you have any reason that you need to be away from Airline Mogul for a while, or if you have any issue that cause you to become inactive, don’t panic that I will remove your airline from the world immediately. I will gladly remind you through private messaging (PM) to either keep your airline active or I can reset your airline should you struggle to work on it for any reason. Even better, you can inform me that you will be out for some time, provided that you inform me when you will come back to play in the world again through PM so that your airline will be safe from the chopping block.

Holiday Mode on Airline Mogul operates similarly as messaging me through PM, albeit automated, and its purpose is to avoid your airline to be bankrupt after a certain period of absence. For more information, click on the “Admin” tab on the top right portion of your Airline Mogul page or on the “Administration” link on the Quick Stats table, and you will find Holiday Mode on the second column, next to the On-Board service tab.