Does JuanHand Loan App Philippines Comply with the National Privacy Commission (NPC)?

JuanHand Loan App

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Anthonynachor | Does JuanHand Loan App Philippines Comply with the National Privacy Commission (NPC)? | Because of the current state of the economy, reputable online loan applications (OLA) are proving to be of great assistance to Filipinos in meeting their short-term monetary requirements. Based on our research, JuanHand is one of the online linguistic services (OLA) that is most helpful, productive, and trustworthy.

Let’s run down some of the advantages that come with using the JuanHand online loan app:

Anytime, Anywhere

Because the application for a JuanHand online loan can be accessible through the mobile app, it can be completed from the comfort of one’s own home or anywhere else, and at any time of the day or night. Simply download the JuanHand app, and you can immediately begin the process of applying for a loan. Those who are in need of financial assistance due to unexpected circumstances might truly benefit much from this type of assistance.

Simple Requirements

The JuanHand online loan application is available to any Filipino citizen between the ages of 18 and 60 years old who has a stable income and possesses a valid government-issued identification card. There is no need to provide any further documentation, as is normally asked when applying for a loan from a financial institution.

No Bank Account Required

To qualify for a loan from JuanHand, you do not need to have a checking or savings account with a financial institution. You can receive the money you need and make payments using GCash or remittance centers. Both of these options are sufficient.

Fast Approval

Because the JuanHand online loan application does not require a large number of documents, getting the loan application authorized is much simpler. After completing an application, it is typical for it to be granted right away, and you will receive the money within a few minutes of submitting the application.

No Harassment and Humiliation

Expect a representative of JuanHand to call you and engage with you in a respectful manner if you are unable to pay the debt within the allotted amount of time. There will be no instances of clients being subjected to harassment or humiliation similar to those that have been reported by customers of other online loan applications. You can have full confidence that JuanHand OLA operates in an honest and upstanding fashion.

A few years ago, many Online Loan Apps (OLA) reportedly became involved in cases to the National Privacy Commission (NPC) due to complaints from app users about various violations. Articles like this also indicate harassment and shaming by OLAs. Other cases since 2019 have also been reported like in this article which involved the violation of many OLAs with regard to the improper use of information of its users.

JuanHand was not included, because it strictly follows the policies of the NPC. You can rest assured that JuanHand is safe to use because all the information of its users is protected and encrypted. They comply with the Data Privacy Act (2012) and no confidential information will be requested without your consent.

Definitely Safe and Legit

JuanHand is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under WeFund Lending (the owner of JuanHand). Their Company Registration Number is CS201825672 and Certificate of Authority Number 2844. This can be double-checked on the SEC website.

In addition, JuanHand collaborates with a large number of reputable and well-known businesses, including UnionBank, Lazada, Sun Life Grepa, SkyPay, Multysis, FinScore, Trusting Social, and CIBI Information Inc.

If you also want to try the JuanHand online loan app, visit their website: Other additional information about JuanHand can also be found on their official FB page, as well as on their InstagramTiktok, and YouTube.

They hope to accomplish this purpose through Bayanihan, which is Filipino for unity and collaboration. JuanHand’s mission is to aid all Filipinos by providing financial services that are convenient, quick, and reliable. It is highly pertinent to the circumstance that we find ourselves in right now, as well as to the circumstances that will exist in the future.