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SMART Schedules Released: You’re Getting an Unhappy Rider

Earlier today, Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) has released their “final” schedule draft to the public, for which I am not pleased with their outcomes. I even noted a few friends via social media about this matter, in which I wrote a scathing response to SMART tonight about my impressions of their schedule. To me, their schedule reflects their disinterest in making commuter travel between Sonoma and Marin Counties frequent, quick, and reliable, the three things I consider the most in evaluating any train service.

Note: my criteria for bus services are similar, but it also includes connectivity.

Below is my letter to SMART, in which I read the entire schedule for any inconsistencies and surprises. Lo and behold, I found plenty of anomalies that I have to put them in writing.

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To me, their schedule is a representative of officials not considering the welfare of the riders who expect quality commute service between Sonoma and Marin Counties, many of which are fed up with congestion along Highway 101. With congestion along US-101 from Rowland Boulevard in Novato to North San Pedro Road in San Rafael ranked 14th worst commute in 2015 per Vital Signs Bay Area, then a lack of train arrivals in San Rafael between 8am and 9:30am tells me that SMART does not want to help commuters switch from being stuck in traffic to riding the train.

I will keep you updated if I get any response from them. And later on, I will propose my own schedules for connecting transit services beyond the SMART train.

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  1. You’re completely correct. I think that making such a big gaps in such a needy hours is really bad. As a full-time worker with ordinary 9-5 shifts, I know hard and is to get home during rush ours. You want to get there as soon as possible because it’s still your ‘free’ time, no matter that you can’t spend it how you want to, but i’t impossible!

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