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Election Special: Choose the Best Bus Debuted in 2016

​Since today is Election Day (and I actually voted last May for the Philippine Elections that brought Rodrigo Duterte to power), I’ve thought about creating a special post today to see which bus, you think, gave you the best impression as it debuted this year. 
As you may be aware, Federal law requires transit agencies to replace their older vehicles once those hit twelve years old. As such, executives and board members have to decide which buses will ultimately replace them, in which those can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. ​Sometimes even, smaller transit agencies piggyback their orders with larger orders so that bus manufacturers like Gillig and New Flyer can have more business.
This year saw the slow, yet needed, retirement of some of Muni’s oldest Neoplan buses, as well as the mass-retirement of all Skoda Tr15SF (60-footer) electric trolleybuses. Those have been replaced by even more New Flyer Xcelsior XDE40, XDE60, and XT60 buses, all of which are low-floored and have air conditioning. It also saw the retirement of all NABI 416 low-floored buses with AC Transit and replaced them with even more Gillig Advantage low-floor buses. In fact, AC Transit even debuted its first-ever hybrid diesel-electric bus in its fleet, the Gillig Advantage Hybrid 40-footer bus. And, as you may have already seen, County Connection has partnered with Gillig to build the transit agency’s first all-electric buses, debuted on 5 November 2016.
So, without further adieu, here’s my showcase of all the buses that debuted on Bay Area streets this year. Which of these is your most favorite? Leave your comments either below or on social media.

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