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Muni Heritage Weekend 2016

I attended this year’s Muni Heritage Weekend, in which I got to see some of the agency’s older vehicles, all of which have been retired from passenger service many years ago. This year’s attendance would be my second time attending this event, the first time I went there was last year.


This year, a total of six buses were on display for the festival:

  • 042, a White bus from 1938
  • 506, perhaps San Francisco Muni’s first-ever trolleybus, from 1941 (not operating on any route)
  • 776, colored in the Wings livery, from 1953
  • 3182 and 3287, two GMC New Look buses
  • 5300, a Flyer 40-footer trolleybus with the first version of the Landor “worm” livery


A total of four historic streetcars were used to ferry passengers between the San Francisco Railway Museum (at Don Chee Way) and Pier 39, all of them operating free of charge to all passengers:

  • Streetcar 1, the oldest streetcar owned by San Francisco Muni since 1912
  • Streetcar 228, the open-top boat streetcar imported from Blackpool in the United Kingdom
  • Streetcar 496, imported from Melbourne, Australia
  • Streetcar 578, thought to be the oldest continuously-used passenger electric streetcar in the world, built in 1896
And here’s my special treat to you: I took the rare opportunity to film a streetcar ride from the Railway Museum to Pier 39 on board Streetcar 578, something you simply cannot do with most other streetcars operating in San Francisco today. In the YouTube video, you get to be on the pilot’s seat. in which you get to pretend to be an actual streetcar operator manning an ancient streetcar along the Embarcadero. 

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