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Golden Gate Transit, Muni to Reroute, Cancel Trips For Completion of the Presidio Parkway Project

With the Presidio Parkway construction wrapping up, Caltrans and the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway, and Transportation District (District) will need to close a section of the roadway (also known as Doyle Drive) from 9 July 2015 at 10:00pm until 13 July 2015 at 5:00am so that they can do the final touches, including a brand new interchange between US-101 and Marina Boulevard/Girard Drive (for the Presidio) and to finally reopen the completed US-101/CA-1 interchange. As a result, Golden Gate Transit and San Francisco Muni have released their contingency plans to get around the construction area, resulting in trip cancellations on multiple lines and the remaining lines operating on detour, especially along Geary Boulevard and the Presidio.

Golden Gate Transit

The Basic Routes, Routes 10, 70, 101, and 101x, will operate as normal through the Parkway closure; however, these routes will use Geary Boulevard instead to access Civic Center and South of Market. As a result, no service will be available on Richardson Avenue, Lombard Street, and Van Ness Avenue (north of Golden Gate Avenue). I hope that these will stop at the usual Golden Gate Transit stops along Geary to augment a temporary loss of service in the Marina District, especially at the following intersections:

  • Park Presidio & California – for the 1-California and 28-19th Avenue (also 28R-19th Avenue Rapid on California & 12th Avenue)
  • Geary & 6th Avenue – for the 44-O’Shaughnessy
  • Geart & Arguello – for the 33-Ashbury/18th Street
  • Geary & Presidio/Masonic – for the 1-California (short line) and 43-Masonic (also 2-Clement and 3-Jackson on California & Presidio)
  • Geary & Divisadero – for the 24-Divisadero
  • Geary & Fillmore – for the 22-Fillmore

And here are my alternative routes for the following areas:

For the Marina District, transfer from any of the Basic Routes to either the 22-Fillmore (to Fillmore & Bay Streets) or 43-Masonic (to Marina Middle School, on Chestnut & Fillmore). For service along Chestnut Street, use either route (43 would be better), then walk one block north of Lombard Street to get to Chestnut Street for the 30-Stockton. Same for the reverse trip, with drop offs at either Presidio & Geary (on the 43) or Fillmore & Geary (on the 22).

For Aquatic Park and the Van Ness Corridor, use either the 19-Polk, 47-Van Ness, or 49-Van Ness/Mission to get to or from the Basic Routes. I would recommend the following stops:


  • Golden Gate & Polk – walk one block west to Van Ness Avenue and pick up the 47 (for Caltrain or Fisherman’s Wharf) or 49 (for Van Ness corridor, Mission District, or City College) on Van Ness & Eddy or Van Ness & McAllister
  • Hyde & McAllister – pick up the outbound 19-Polk (for Navy Yard) on the same stop; for inbound 19-Polk (towards Beach Street), walk towards Larkin & McAllister


  • Van Ness & McAllister (on the 47 and 49) – the Basic Routes stop on McAllister Street between Polk and Van Ness
  • Hyde & McAllister (on the 19) – the Basic Routes stop close by on McAllister Street (alternative stop would be Market & 7th Streets, a time point)

For the Presidio, use the usual Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza stops to and from the PresidiGo bus stop across from the Golden Gate Bridge Gift Shop and the Convenience Store. You can get a closeup view of the project from near the Presidio National Cemetery.

One caution, though if you’re heading to and from Downtown and Market Street: the 1-California38-Geary, and 38R-Geary Rapid bus lines tend to be crowded east of Park Presidio Boulevard. Use them only if you can handle the crowds. Alternative bus service available on the 2-Clement; pick it up on Clement & 14th Avenue (around two blocks from Park Presidio & California), or drop off at Geary & 6th Avenue and walk one block up towards Clement Street.

From Downtown and Market Street, pick up any of the basic routes on their usual stops at either the Temporary Transbay Terminal (at Beale Street between Howard and Folsom) or along Mission Street.

While the Basic Routes to and from San Francisco will face significant detours to their routes, cancellations on select commuter lines will also take place. Most especially hit would be Routes 4 and 27 wherein Golden Gate Transit will cancel all midday and reverse-commute trips on the 9th since those do not get “substantial” ridership to operate while the roadway is being completed. The following is a list of all the bus cancellations and alternate routes to get around. Since all buses will be diverted to Geary Boulevard, Route 92 will be canceled, while Route 93 will be reallocated to the Routes 10, 70, 101, and 101X.

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Affected Financial District trips will be rerouted as follows:

  • Morning: from Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza, it will exit at CA-1/19th Avenue, south on Park Presidio Boulevard, left on Geary Boulevard, slight right on Starr King Way, continue on O’Farrell Street, left on Van Ness Avenue to regular route. All GGT stops along Park Presidio, Geary, and Van Ness will be served.
  • Afternoon, upon departure from Van Ness & Chestnut stop, buses continue south on Van Ness Avenue, right on Geary Street, continue onto Geary Boulevard, right on Park Presidio Boulevard, continue onto US-101 and Golden Gate Bridge to regular route. All GGT stops along Van Ness, Geary, and Park Presidio will be served.

An important note: if you see trip cancellation/s on your morning run, but none during the afternoon (e.g. Routes 72/72X), then it means all trips during the afternoon commute will be running as normal.

Affected Civic Center trips will be rerouted as follows:

  • Southbound: Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza, it will exit at CA-1/19th Avenue, south on Park Presidio Boulevard, left on Geary Boulevard, right on Webster Street, left on Golden Gate Avenue to regular route. All GGT stops along Park Presidio, Geary, Webster, and Golden Gate Ave. will be served.
  • Northbound: upon departure from McAllister & Polk stop, continue west on McAllister Street, right on Webster Street, left on Geary Boulevard, right on Park Presidio Boulevard, continue onto US-101 and Golden Gate Bridge to regular route. All GGT stops along McAllister, Webster, Geary, and Park Presidio will be served.

For travelers for the Richmond, Sunset, and Parkmerced neighborhoods, as well as passengers heading to and from Daly City BART and points along the Peninsula, use the 28-19th Avenue and 28R-19th Avenue Rapid (weekday peaks only).

  • Southbound: transfer from any Golden Gate route at Park Presidio & California to either the 28 or 28R for Golden Gate Park, Sunset, San Francisco State, Parkmerced, and Daly City BART.
  • Northbound: from Daly City BART and the 19th Avenue corridor, get off at either Park Presidio & California (28 only) or California & 12th Avenue (28R only) and wait for your GGT bus at the 28 inbound stop.

Another alternative for passengers from the Peninsula would be to take BART to and from Civic Center station where you can:

  • Board the Basic buses on 7th & Market Street (northbound)
  • Switch from the Basic buses on Hyde & Market (southbound)

Massive delays will occur, so pack some patience with you.

San Francisco muni

San Francisco Muni will see significant delays and detours on three bus lines, the 28-19th Avenue, the 76X-Marin Headlands Express, and the 91-Owl. While service along Lombard Street (along with the 43-Masonic) will remain as normal, no service will be provided at the Richardson & Francisco (especially for the Palace of Fine Arts) and Golden Gate Bridge bus stops (total of four around the Toll Plaza and Merchant Street). As such, Muni will detour its buses to operate via the 28R-19th Avenue Rapid with the 28 and 91. Hopefully, Muni will make stops along California Street to augment service along the corridor with the 1-California, especially during the weekend.

The 28-19th Avenue will not provide service to the Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza and instead head down to Park Presidio & California to make it run as efficient as possible. The 76X-Marin Headlands Express, on the other hand, will not have any service during the closure weekend. The 91-Owl will just follow the 28R alignment and head towards Park Presidio & California (outbound) and Lombard & Divisadero (inbound).

Alternative Options

Should you choose to drive between San Francisco and Marin County (and the North Bay), your best bet would be the:

  • San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
  • Richmond Bridge

The other bridge option, but a little bit out of the way, would be the San Mateo Bridge. If your destination is either Napa, Sonoma, or Lake County, use I-80, take the Carquinez Bridge, and use CA-29 and CA-37 to and from your intended destination.

I highly recommend bypassing the 19th Avenue corridor as much as possible because it is the major crosstown artery connecting the North Bay and the Peninsula. If it is unavoidable, use parallel roads like the Great Highway or Sunset Boulevard.

Another alternative mode of transportation available for travelers traveling between the North Bay and San Francisco would be the Golden Gate Ferry and Blue and Gold Fleet. Expanded schedules are available during the duration of the closure, in which riders from Marin and Sonoma County are encouraged to park their vehicles (either solo or in carpools) at either the Larkspur or Sausalito terminals.

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Perhaps a best option: shop locally within the North Bay or San Francisco, and encourage visitors to stay within their vacation area for the time being. That way, congestion along the Golden Gate Bridge and around the detour roads will be lessened.

I truly hope that the finished product will significantly ease traffic coming to and from the Golden Gate Bridge, and I only wish that the ramp connecting NB CA-1 (Park Presidio Boulevard) and SB US-101 (Presidio Parkway) will finally reopen by the 13th of July at 5am.

More information on the project can be seen here.

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