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From the Marriages Column

First of all, I would like to congratulate two of my friends who got married this week: Peter Villarosa and Mike Gonzales. I want to wish both of them and their partners happy and stable marriages toward each other, as well as keeping faithful and true to the vows and promises bestowed upon them on marriage.
I believe that marriage is a sacred ritual where two people unite in love, mutual compassion, and happiness, in sickness and in health, in trials and in triumphs, until death do them apart. I am for both traditional and same-sex marriages because I believe that every man and woman deserves someone who will love him or her to the best of their ability, and I believe that despite my strong Catholic faith, I believe in giving each person a choice to be his or her partner for life. This does not necessarily mean that I am a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer either; I am a person then who believes that having a great and strong relationship between a man and a man, and conversely a woman and a woman, should one chooses to, is a freedom that we have, and that neither the Bible nor other religious texts have made “harsh” comments about it. Rather, it is through human interpretation over time that pushes and pulls through this controversial issue, and I am willing to say that I am a pro-choice person on the terms of marriage.
The main concern that I have for myself is that for the past several years–make that four years–I have been single. Not that I am very desperate to find someone, but as I look through my friends getting married, it makes me wonder, when will I walk the aisle like three of my friends? It’s like the recurring question of, “does the perfect companion come out of luck, attraction, or some combination of the two?” I understand that opposites attract pretty well, but as I continue my soul searching through traveling and photography, it seems like both are not in my favor at the moment. Is it because of how I groom myself? Is it because I am pursuing a major that only a few care about? Is it because I lack time for socializing that I miss opportunities to hang out with girls and focus instead on commuting 50 miles round trip everyday? I just wonder when I will post my own marriage announcement on the newspaper, or let alone Facebook… I just don’t know when, but for now, I feel happy that I’m single since I have nothing to commit to. But, staying single can be agonizing, to say the least, let alone having a few friends out here.

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