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A Multicultural Fourth of July

I kept this year’s Fourth of July celebration to a minimum wherein instead of flocking myself to the Marin County Fair (or Alameda County Fair, for that matter — Happy 100th anniversary by the way) and enjoy the rides and spectacular fireworks displays, I opted to watch a movie in IMAX in Emeryville and have a leisurely lunch at the Emeryville Public Market.


It began Tuesday night when I told my uncle about The Amazing Spiderman already out in theaters everywhere. He then asked me what times the screenings would be at the nearby cinema houses, namely The Mall at Northgate in San Rafael and Rowland in Novato. However, when I told him that the screenings begin at 8:50pm, he told me “it will be too late for us — we will all be tired” (we being him, myself, my aunt, and my sister). So, we opted to wait until the next morning when we can watch one of the early screenings of Spiderman. Lo and behold, my uncle wanted to watch it on IMAX in Emeryville, which sounded fun since I remembered watching a film (can’t recall though) on IMAX at the Metreon in San Francisco, which I enjoyed a lot because the film was viewed on a wall-to-wall screen with really crisp, digital sound that really made my movie experience worth every penny and trip down to the city.

Before that, however, my uncle, aunt, sister, and I had lunch first at the nearby Public Market, where I had my regular Indian food at Wazwan, The Cooking of India (above image) where I got myself a three non-vegetable combo of all curries, namely Chicken Tikka Masala, Goat Curry, and Chicken Vindaloo. However, when I tasted the Goat Curry, it tasted a little bland compared to the one I had in Berkeley on my birthday, in which the Punjabi Mutton Curry at Breads of India was wonderful and deep-flavored, my taste buds struggled to taste the full flavors of the Chicken Tikka Masala. After a hearty lunch, we headed over to Peet’s Coffee where my aunt and uncle got hot tea.

Breads of India, Sacramento Street in Berkeley:

Wazwan – The Cuisine of India, Emeryville Public Market:
After lunch, we headed to the Bay Street Shopping Center, the same place where the AMC IMAX theater is located, where I had the opportunity to take a stroll and chill at Barnes and Noble before watching The Amazing Spiderman in IMAX.
And since it was Independence Day, it was expected for traffic to be clogged near fireworks viewing points, but the views were spectacular to spend a picnic outdoors.
The result: a cross of Asian and American Independence Day, something typical for me since I am happy that the United States celebrated its 236th year of Independence while at the same time, the Philippines celebrates its friendship with the United States. I want to be apolitical, but I would like to see the Republicans cut its attacks against the accomplishments made by the Democrats this Independence celebration since the real losers in the never-ending political mongering are the American people whose mindset is to make everyday an opportunity to succeed.
Emeryville Public Market (also Wazwan)
Breads of India, Berkeley

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