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Summer Teaching and Travels

A day before Independence Day, I’m hosting the fifth of ten initial sessions for a Statistics workshop hosted by Project Rebound at San Francisco State University, and I have been contemplating on whether I will continue to offer the Statistics workshops through the Fall — maybe even until Christmas. Plus, new trends about traveling around the Bay Area are already underway.

I started the ten-week workshop with two sessions on dealing with the mean, median, and mode of a set of numbers. I knew that the students had a hard time working on that basic because I’ve noted that many of the students attending my workshop have struggled with Statistics in previous semesters, thus making me want to delve deep and explain thoroughly what the three M’s are all about. On the third session, I handed out a quiz to see how the students were doing on the mean, median, and mode, and most of them passed the test, although a few still struggle with the subject. Initially, I started with nine students at a conference hall; now, I have eleven and possibly growing. I was amazed when I asked my coordinator about my teaching style — he laughed, “How’s your teaching? Your students love your teaching!” I felt relieved and surprised at how my coordinator replied to my question because he just inspires me to become a better student–and now, a better teacher too.


As for travel news around the Bay Area, I have discovered several developments that would ultimately make traveling around the region easier, better, and more comfortable:

  • On July 1st, Muni introduced all-door boarding, allowing passengers with Clipper, a valid Muni transfer or pass, or a Muni visitor’s pass to enter through any door. Cash-paying customers must board using the front door to obtain paper transfer.
  • Golden Gate Transit is slowly rolling out 511 Departure Times throughout its network, with 5-digit codes for all stops within the district being placed in San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, and Contra Costa Counties. Full implementation of departure times, though, remains unknown as the system is still being processed.

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