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Solar Eclipse from Reno

Last night’s solar eclipse from Reno was a spectacular sight to behold, and although it had a small issue with cloud cover, it was a gorgeous event that made me very happy.
The eclipse started around 6:30pm when the moon covered the sun in total darkness, creating a trio of the earth, moon, and sun lining up in perfect harmony. However, the view from Reno was marred for a bit when low, grey clouds covered the spectacular sight for a while until the clouds move and saw the very bright sun, looking like a “big ball of fire”. I took the shots from the Silver Legacy Hotel in Reno wherein my mom had a conference, and the total eclipse looked fantastic, I tried to take pics using my iPad and my phone.
And now, as I head home from Reno, it seems like my luck at slots isn’t working to my favor, although my aunt initially played them. I just played a few rounds, and it looks like “better luck next time” for me. The gorgeous solar eclipse yesterday though stole the show for me indeed.

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