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Mother’s Day Treats

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and luckily, my mother had time to be with us at home. Her days off were changed again this weekend to become Saturday and Sunday since the following Sunday, May 20, she, along with my dad, her boss and her husband, will head to Reno for a three-day nursing administrator class. Thus, Mother’s Day this year was wonderful and insightful indeed.

My mother has been working at a nursing home — more aptly called a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) — in Novato for more than three years, and she is now a nursing administrator. She takes care of her six patients very well, and she treats them with utmost dignity and respect they deserve. Her patients range from 70 and better, their food prepared fresh everyday by her staff, and their activities range from weekly piano playing to weekend visits to a daily walk around the facility’s beautifully-manicured garden. Her care is unmatched, in that she acts as a model to her fellow staff members in terms of cleanliness, proper etiquette, and professional handling of patients, akin to wonderful housekeeping.


And so, on her day off Mother’s Day, my aunt, uncle, and I treated my parents and my sister to a dim sum restaurant in San Francisco called Ton Kiang and we had a great lunch full of dumplings, pastries, and vegetable treats. Even before continuing on touring through San Francisco’s Ocean Beach, Legion of Honor, and the Presidio, I offered my mother a simple, yet classy bouquet of flowers. I got it at a florist located right next to the restaurant, and she really loved the three-flower arrangement. 

For details about Ton Kiang, view my article on my favorite Asian restaurants here.


The three-flower arrangement I gave to my mother

Then, the family went to Fort Miley, in which my family and I visited the park for first time. It was a relaxing experience after enjoying a sumptuous lunch, and we were rewarded with captivating views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands (including Point Bonita). Unfortunately, the foggy conditions shrouded the Farallon Islands from the distance, thus we couldn’t see the landmass located about 25 miles west out on the Pacific Ocean. Even my dad had a great time visiting this wonderful open space, which he visited for the first time.
After a brief layover at Fort Miley, we went through Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park before resuming our journey through the Presidio, Legion of Honor, and Sea Gate. Then, after crossing the mighty Golden Gate Bridge, which will celebrate its 75th anniversary this month, we went up to the Marin Headlands, all the way up Conzelman Road through the roundabout and up an observation deck that has a narrow, one-lane road heading down to Point Bonita. It was a fine, bright day at the Headlands, with some fog, but the views are stunning and picture-perfect.
Before heading home, my uncle brought my parents through an alternate route heading from the Headlands to Sausalito. Going through the Sausalito Lateral, we passed through lots of bungalow-style apartments, scattered around the area north of the beautiful headlands, and we passed through another one-lane road — this time, a tunnel — that was used as a passageway between bunkers and shelters during World War II.
Mother’s Day this year was really awesome that I really got to spend a full day with my mom, exploring the sights around the northern edge of San Francisco and Marin Headlands. It also brought a rewarding feeling for me when I gave her a gift of flowers as a token of appreciation for her hard work and care for my family. It is one memorable day that I will cherish.

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