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Final Day of School… For Now

With only one final to work on and a learning report for my internship experience done, I am now ready to head out for a short, yet sweet, summer vacation. While I’m out of school, I am on call for someone who wants me as his tutor for advanced statistics, with the topic on regressions.
Before parting ways for the semester, I attended the last Community Involvement Center (CIC) seminar, in full, on Wednesday at San Francisco State University. I was supposed to meet with six other students in the seminar, however, only four of them came, plus my lovely and dynamic instructor assistant Sarah came in to help us go through the last day of the seminar, which started on the third week of January. Supposedly, I should have had Steve, the big chief of CIC as my instructor; however, last-minute visits to a hospital because he fell ill last semester caused my seminar to have a substitute instructor associate instead.

When I first met Sarah and discovered how she worked on things during the seminar, I felt amazed at how calm and steady her voice was, and she discussed things in a straight, understandable tone that made my seminar experience memorable. She even motivated us to be ourselves and use our individual space to our advantage so that we can share our inner thoughts and feelings without others disrupting the person speaking. She also allows us to be creative and express our own opinions without being judged by my peers, and we even made cool projects together to show how much creativity we can mold as a group. In the end, she is one of the most approachable persons I have ever dealt with, and she is a highly motivated and very inspiring person. Indeed, Sarah was one of the coolest instructors I have ever worked with that I really like her teaching style a lot.

Here are pictures from the final seminar and party that happened on Wednesday. Enjoy!

To Sarah, Ken, Londen, Olivia, Annabelle, Ji-Ha, and Shantel, thank you for sharing your thoughts, time, and energy to be in the seminars this past semester, and each one of you has inspired me to think deeper into my life and become a better person. You have added even more fun into my life, and you have been great in supporting the whole group to become more responsible and motivated students.

As for Project Rebound and those interested in learning statistics, I will see you in June for the Pre-Statistics Workshop held every Tuesday from 4 to 6pm. The class will begin on 5 June 2012, and it will be held at the Cesar Chavez Student Center, Room T-160 (Terrace Floor), at San Francisco State University.

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