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Summer 2012: Traveling and Teaching

Planning my summer vacation this time is a bit more challenging since I had to prioritize what my needs and wants are. And with rising tuition, I might need to take a quick break from school and go on a long road trip.
I have decided to skip Summer School simply because tuition fees have gone off the roof that I couldn’t afford to spend $1,600 for a three-unit class at Berkeley or $2,000 for a four-unit class at San Francisco State. Ditching summer school for a longer vacation wasn’t that easy for me to start with; however, I negotiated with my current internship site, Project Rebound at San Francisco State University, in which they want me to do a Pre-Statistics workshop for incoming and current San Francisco State students, especially tailored for those wanting to take statistics online in the Fall. The fun part: it will be a paid job, in which I will be charged per session, which is great since I can use the money to pay my commute every week. The details:
Along with teaching, I am planning to spend a weekend away from the Bay Area to be with my family in Las Vegas and, hopefully, travel to the Hoover Dam, a national monument straddling along the border of Nevada and Arizona. It will be a fun, yet hot, experience since it will be in July, when temperatures reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (above 38 degrees Celsius) for hours. My idea of a vacation this time, though, was to go to either Orlando in Florida and visit Universal Studios or to San Diego and soak up the beaches and enjoy quality nightlife, not another round of slot machines and steak buffets. However, given that Las Vegas has become a trendy fashion destination, with more boutique hotels and high-end shops competing for visitors, I am pretty convinced that Las Vegas will still charm me even though I’ve been there two times before. 
And finally, traveling around the Bay Area will continue as normal, with new sights to explore and revisiting my favorite sights… this time with more emphasis on what I really like about the places I visit. That’s basically my summer plan for now.

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