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Introducing Trent County

Trent County is a fictional county (you can call it a province, administrative district, or region) that I’ve been creating on possibly my most favorite simulation game, SimCity 4. Since last year, I’ve been carefully developing the region as it is now, with immense road connections, large airports, thousands of businesses, and (currently) over 500,000 residents, spread out in eight cities and towns so far. 

As I progress towards building up the whole region, I will describe each of the cities and towns I created, as well as focusing on how transit and setting up custom parks and downtown areas can dramatically boost residential, commercial, and industrial land values. Also included in building the region are challenges to reduce pollution, cutting down dependence on fossil fuels, and speeding up traffic on busy roadways. By deploying multiple techniques, from lowering taxes to improving infrastructure to building efficient power plants and recycling centers.

To introduce my County, here are pictures from each of the communities I’ve built so far, with their estimated populations and unique characteristics.

Durban – 30,000 residents, suburban paradise
 Fairfield – 115,000 residents, current administrative center of Trent County
Loomis – 25,000 residents, strong farm-based community
Parkchester – 51,000 residents, location of region’s premier international airport
San Gabriel – 127,000 residents, currently largest city in Trent County
San Lorenzo – 80,000 residents, possibly the most densely-populated city in the county
Currently being developed:

  • Bardstown (9,000 residents)
  • Davis
  • Mendoza
  • San Mateo (projected to be the largest city)
  • Santa Maria
  • St. Lawrence

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