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Haven’t Been Blogging for Weeks…

Sorry if I haven’t been writing anything for weeks since university work has kept me very busy, not allotting time to stop and think about things that matter to you and me. Finally, however, I’ve found a way to keep myself on schedule with all the typing work: using my calendar on my iPad.

I know that tech gadgets come in multiple forms, shapes, and sizes, but having a digital organizer on an iPad allows me to think about what I want to write in advance and dig deep into what I want to say before actually writing the piece. I am also about to shift my focus from just talking about my life in general to becoming more specialist, particularly focusing on issues about [Sub]urban Living and Transport in the San Francisco Bay Area. Living up in Marin County is a distant contrast to the lights and sounds of San Francisco: the county provides extensive landscapes, wonderful small towns, luscious vegetation, and miles upon miles of elegant and pristine shoreline. San Francisco, on the other hand, provides an eclectic mix of diverse shopping choices, interesting districts, tons of transport choices, and exciting views.

From today, I will be focusing more about what makes San Francisco and the Bay Area a great place to live in, complete with images that will enhance your viewing experience. I love the Bay Area for its liberal political stance, charming communities, and open-minded and well-educated people. I’ve been living here for six years, and there are so much more that I want to see in a region of over 7 million people and covers a land area about three times larger than Metropolitan Manila, my former home.

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