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Valentine’s Day Treats

So much that I’m single, I still enjoy Valentine’s Day at the comfort of a mall, strolling around and spending my time looking at the latest fashion trends, gadgets, and all. But, what is the value of Valentine’s Day, let alone love, for me?

Let me start with a free-form diagram of what I think love is: (thanks to the new app I bought called Glow Doodle, available from the App Store)
I know I could add more to that, but, that’s basically how I view it: it can be confusing, it can be messy, but it can be rewarding if you know what it takes. I even intentionally added being single as a characteristic of love because it is perfectly fine to be single for Valentine’s Day. I think February 14th is again one of those hyped-up days in the calendar, with tons of commercials, deals, concerts, etc. just for those lovers. What about for those singles like me? Will I be interested at a pillow fight in San Jose or San Francisco? Maybe, maybe not.

I think that the value of love depends on who one asks. I may have one interpretation of love, which can be shallow, while others have a more deep, insightful observation that many can challenge. But more on that on Tuesday.

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to dine at Olive Garden next to my school alone, and I tried their three-course Italian Dinner set, which I find amazing at a bargain price of $12.95. You get either a soup or salad to start, then a main course of either chicken or pasta, and finally a small dessert. I ordered their new Spaghetti with four-cheese tomato sauce, which tasted well for my tastebuds; however, my waiter messed up when he served me house salad instead of chicken gnocchi soup, in which I just gave the salad to someone else to go. This menu could be great if you go out with that special someone and not spend a fortune for all the steak tartare and mashed potatoes that could bulge your figure!

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  1. Nice! I got my problem with Jose figured out… Anyways… I bet someone was staring at you from another table thinking “Why the **** is he taking pictures of FOOD???”

  2. Carson, didn’t you notice the theme I had lately on food? I’m just expanding on my favorite topic, that’s all. What would you like to eat, bud?

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