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Thanksgiving (minus three)

It’s time to grab a turkey, make some stuffing, and set the table for the annual Thanksgiving Dinner… or so I think. This year, I will celebrate Thanksgiving with three less people at home because my mother will be at work serving Thanksgiving dinner to her patients, while my aunt and uncle are in the Philippines for a vacation and to celebrate my aunt’s birthday in the island province of Palawan, the Last Frontier. Also a coincidence: her birthday this year is also Thanksgiving Day as well!

Anyways, what I’m really thankful for this year:
An internship that I’ve really enjoyed doing
– Generally good health throughout the year
– Brand new equipment (a mobile phone with 3D, an iPad)
– All my supportive friends and colleagues at school and work
Just the wonderful, safe trips I’ve been to all year, from Sacramento to San Jose
Most of all, my family staying together through good and bad times

What are you thankful for this year?

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