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Experience Downtown: Stanford University

All Saints Day. The day Filipinos pay tribute to their departed loved ones at home and in cemeteries, and I did my own memorial rituals for my grandmother that I have never seen (she died twelve years ahead of me) and all my relatives and friends who passed away before me. On that day as well, I traveled to UC Berkeley’s traditional rival school, Stanford University.
Home to Andrew Luck, one of college football’s most admired quarterbacks; Stanford Children’s Hospital, a world-renowned healthcare facility that recently gained recognition for separating two conjoined twins; and the Cardinal, the university’s beloved mascot, the university is also one of the most environmentally-friendly colleges in the world because it promotes many ecologically-friendly programs, especially in its bicycling and shuttle programs. I went there to admire the campus’ beauty, as well as the hundreds of cyclists I encountered along the way, and I found their campus to be really amazing: despite the age of many of its structures, the academic rigor the university provides makes it one of the most selective universities to go to, and despite the high tuition costs, Stanford provides stellar educational opportunities, from law to environmental sciences, mathematics to chemistry.

Here are three videos that prove Stanford’s friendliness towards cyclists: (for images from this tour, click here)

Serra Mall

Lassen Mall at Escondido Mall

Near Stanford University Bookstore

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