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Experience Downtown: San Mateo

Going back to my traveler roots allows me to experience what a city is all about, what it has to offer, and what to explore along the way, along with some pleasant surprises along the way. Yesterday, I went to San Mateo and walked around its surprisingly compact downtown, with shops lined up on Third and Fourth Avenues, along with its nearby side streets that stretch from El Camino Real to the west to the Caltrain tracks to the east.
I literally walked through several blocks, exploring the many restaurants and shops the city has to offer, and I was surprised to see that activity in downtown San Mateo, in comparison to downtown San Rafael, is busier because the arrangement of the shops is compact that makes walking (and shopping) around pretty easy. I even found time to relax at nearby Central Park just a block south of Fourth Avenue as well, and I found a market that not only has a wonderful grocery and kitchen supplies section, but it has an exquisite bakery that you can choose from dozens of cookies and desserts available for purchase.

Here are two videos I took from the area: one’s from Central Park, the other from Draeger’s Market.

For photos that I’ve taken on this trip, check it out here.

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