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I am Troy Davis

In 1989, Troy Davis was convicted for the murder of an off-duty white cop in Savannah, GA, and today, he faces the worst possible penalty of any crime: death penalty by lethal injection. I’ve been advocating against lethal injection for several years, not only because it causes extraneous harm to the defendant, but it adds agony and pain for the victim’s families and supporters that want to save his life. Furthermore, recent evidences have shown that neither blood nor DNA strands could link Davis to the murder 22 years ago, doubting the fact that he was indeed the murderer.

He is a victim of wrongful judgment, a victim of people who have been brainwashed to believe that “the first person who can kill a cop is a Black person”, which is obviously wrong because there is definitely no proof that he was indeed the person who pulled the trigger in the first place. Further, many religious, political, and social leaders voiced their sympathy and call to stop the execution of Davis tonight at 7pm Eastern Time (4pm Pacific) because he has committed no crime at all; if he was guilty of anything, it would be a guilt of other people pressuring the jury to execute him because he was a Black man, which is sad, especially a growing number of minorities tend to come from African-American and Latino communities. I am Troy Davis, and I pray for the execution to be stopped.

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