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USuRP Update: Opening Date Announced

I am pleased to announce that USuRP, the Urban and Suburban Renewal Project forum, will open its doors this Sunday at 8:00pm Pacific Daylight Time (11:00pm Eastern Daylight Time, 3:00am UTC). That is the result of early accomplishments made in the forum in the days leading to Sunday, from formation of rules to creating the forum’s terms of use. When the forum opens on Sunday, I would like you to join me propagating the forum so that we can start on many topics at once, from creating the rights and responsibilities of members to discussing any urban planning and development-related issues and questions you have. I have also set up all the needed sub-forums that will be necessary to make our forum a success. Also, on Sunday morning, prior to opening, I will reveal the website that will lead you to the forums.

I am looking forward to seeing you on opening day this Sunday. See you there!

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