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USuRP Update: Forum Testing Begins, Expected to Last Until Opening Day

I am pleased to announce that USuRP has finally found its home with FreeForums, in which the forum has been activated (but not yet fully operational), and work involving topics to be discussed, as well as activating various forum features, will be in the works for the next five days until I announce the opening on my website. 
I have seen in the forum activation page that for $45 per year, I can upgrade the forum to make it more attractive, get live customer support, and create custom themes for my forum, which would be great considering the fact that I can do it with my website right now. But, I would like to see the activity first on the forum before considering such an upgrade. I might even end up asking FreeForums if I can brand the forum as…

so that it would be easier for all of you, my readers, to bookmark and be directed straight to my forum from my website. Furthermore, I am exploring the following concepts to be integrated on my upcoming forum: from simple theme names to activating a chat line for our members, the ideas just keep growing as the site progresses to become a place where SimCity enthusiasts and real urban planners and developers come together and discuss issues regarding urban and suburban development, and how to tackle the growing issues of sprawl, over (and under) development, and underutilization of facilities needed to keep metropolitan areas moving.

The layout of the forum is simple: provide users and viewers with a simple set of menus that will direct members and the audience to any urban-related issue of their interest, unlike other forums that end up having a big clutter of mixed-up forum topics in one website. The four main “themes” for the forum are named the following:

  • Ask is literally just that: ask any question related to the topics you want to discuss regarding Urban Planning, as well as questions regarding SimCity 4 and real urban development issues. 
  • Share is the place where you show your concepts, from city journals to upcoming urban development projects, as well as lecturing members about many urban planning concepts. 
  • Discuss is the place where members share ideas, thoughts, and opinions about current and future urban development projects, as well as providing constructive criticism on issues that matter most to planners, stakeholders, and the ordinary people.
  • Fun is the area where members can enjoy various user-created games, as well as the place to chat with other members on off-topic matters.

The forum guidelines are still being crafted, but if you would like to help me design the rules for my upcoming forum, you are more than welcome to do so. As for leadership and roles, I will ultimately decide who gets to lead, moderate, and watch over the forums initially until we get an estimated 50 members before considering work divisions.

I know that it is a work in progress, but USuRP is close to becoming a reality.

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