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USuRP: Important Update

An important update regarding my upcoming forum, called the Urban and Suburban Renewal Project: a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) will join USuRP to discuss the issue of green cities using SimCity. 
This weekend, I have received an email stating his interest in helping me open up and run the forum in terms of its content and features. A member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and based in Pennsylvania, Mr. Mike Rosen, principal of the Martin Architectural Group, has shown interest in using my upcoming forum to discuss the issue of how “green cities” can be formed with the help of SimCity. I have contacted him through email showing my interest in that particular subject. It is USuRP’s goal to make contemporary issues of urban and suburban development and revival accessible to more people in our society, particularly to those interested in SimCity and other similar city simulation games and software programs, in which I stress openness and willingness to reach out to our communities to help redefine what cities and suburban communities can be in the future.

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Rosen for showing interest in my upcoming endeavor, and he asks me to seek out facilitators so that this project will go further and make the discussion of green cities–very much a part of my upcoming forum–more geared towards both stakeholders and the ordinary people (especially when kids nowadays think about gadgets and computers), and that I would like to say that in a few days’ time, I will start the forum with the confidence that a respectable member of the AIA will work with us to make my upcoming efforts a productive one. And, hopefully, with a partnership from the AIA, we can really put USuRP on the forums map wherein people interested in urban and suburban development today and in the future can discuss both how their communities are shaped now and what can be improved to make our communities a more desirable and livable place.

P.S. I also have handed out “assignments” already to two people even before I opened the forum so that they can be prepared for what can be one of the most interesting forums I’ll operate. Although it is just my first one, I have shown my great interest in running and maintaining it to share my thoughts and opinions about how communities shape up over time and what improvements can be made to make them more livable.

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  1. I have started thinking of making my cities “green” as you will see when West Vernon comes back online after I restore the saved game.

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