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Planking: A (Scary) New Fad


Planking: a new fad that became a controversial game to play.

I thought about planking just a few minutes back when a best friend of mine from Canada told me about it. I read it, and I saw people lying down, face down, in the middle of a crowded field, on top of a car, even on a balcony rooftop! For me, it’s something that’s very unusual and scary because people would think that you’re down from being hit by something, yet, I think it is an exciting fad that it is becoming a popular game to play.

I read the article on Wikipedia about planking, and the rule seems to be very simple: to lie down, face down, in the most unlikely of places. The image I posted above (taken from shows a girl lying down in the middle of a bar of a staircase, which I found as pretty cool and clever, but, I find it very scary because it is easy to lose balance when a person is not that careful to hold on to his or her own weight. I know it is a game wherein the rule is just to lie your face down anywhere you can think of, but I think it has already gone too far, even to extremes, such as the one above. I believe that it is really risky, not only because of physical issues (that even one person died because of doing it), but also by what people think of doing that game. Some employees even ended up being fired by their bosses because they were doing it while they were on duty!

If I ever choose to play the game myself, my position would be lying down, face down, on the roofside of the Campanile at UC Berkeley, for the reason that it is one of the most unlikely places to do so. The Campanile has four sides facing downwards to the ground, making it nearly impossible to maintain one’s balance, but, it would be a test of my strength and endurance. However, due to the location being university property, I might not want to risk myself being caught by the campus police. Even better would be lying down on a floor inside a moving BART train between two stations just for fun, but passengers would think that I am drunk that I may be escorted out by the police.

I understand that planking is like “playing dead” for others, as it is called in South Korea, because the position of lying face down shows that you’re drunk or hurt. But, seeing it done in places other than a field or a car seems to me like it has really been brought up to its limits. I mean, of all the things that can be played, planking? I mean, if people just want to play dead, why not actually do it in the middle of a crowded freeway, an active railway crossing, or even on board a bicycle? What is really going on out here? What would be the next game trend: a person sticking an egg on his nose on top of a unicycle at a high-wire act? I think the human creativity index has gone way too far with that one this time around…

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