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A Second Experiment On The Way (Update)

Hey guys! It’s time for me to undergo a second experiment on my website, which will involve having a dedicated forum that will focus on three things:

  • Traveling (including regional and international, plus issues)
  • Transportation (from automobiles to airlines)
  • Urban Development (tackling issues from poverty to pollution, also involves simulated development)

[UPDATE] A new name has emerged from thin air (no seriously, it’s from studying trends and past projects), and the name is called USURP. No, this is not the word for “taking a position of power or importance illegally or by force”, but, it is a acronym meaning The Urban and SUburban Renewal Project, with its goal of being usurp–being “taking a position of importance”–in which case, urban and suburban issues–by forcing other people to think about their urban and suburban lifestyles and find ways to improve them by reducing our automobile dependence, shopping locally (not within a city, but within a county or region, as much as possible), and promoting businesses that employ local workers and use local produce, as well as simulating such changes using SimCity 4, ArcGIS, and other programs.

With the success of the first experiment, being my own website independent of WordPress, this second experiment will take quite a longer process to implement since I will learn how to manage my own forum and keep up with managing both my blog and the upcoming forum.

If you’ve got any ideas on what you want to see on the forum, or if you would like to participate in forming the forum layout and design, then feel free to leave comments below.

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